Island Expedition – “A Life Changing Experience”

Active for 25 years

Island Expedition and its School at Sea program is a not-for-profit
scientific and educational organization based in The Bahamas and France.
It is staffed by a highly motivated team of writers, journalists, marine
biologists, photographers, filmmakers, teachers and students from all parts
of the world. They have dedicated their individual skills and expertise to the
study and documentation of marine life, environmental issues and island

The core of the organization is based on extensive fieldwork and
expeditions throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Founders
Dragan and Nicolas Popov firmly believe that there is no substitute for
seeing the islands and the people first hand. The Expedition has logged
thousands of miles living amongst the Island people and their natural
habitat to document them and their environment. Those individuals
who have had the opportunity to take part in expeditions have derived
tremendous personal satisfaction from this hands on approach. Exploring
the natural habitat, living off the land and the sea, learning survival
skills, and talking directly with the inhabitants provides a rich, rewarding
experience which is forever imbedded in their memories. The results in
books, articles and films allow others to learn.

Anyone interested in being part of an expedition or a special charter please
contact us anytime on info@islandexpedition.com

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